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Why AGORA Platform?

Decentralized multi-currency trading platform that regulates trading transactions with smart contracts in addition of human support in difficult cases and the motto: "The transaction must be fast, convenient and secure". Considering the positive and negative experience of our predecessors, we take the next step and develop a trading system - affordable and reliable, intuitive for ordinary users and the possibility of publishing smart contracts for experienced users.


And the main thing excluding the possibility of unfair actions both from the seller and the buyer. Trade goods for cryptocurrency becomes a reality with equal chances and rights for all participants.

Payment system with smart contract

With AGORA Platform it will be possible to make purchases and sales online using cryptocurrencies. The platform is the guarantor of the completion of the transaction. The first stages of the purchase logic will be governed by a smart contract. In the event of a disputable situation and the impossibility of resolving it with the logic of the machine, the support center will be connected to the resolution of the conflict.

AGORA Platform Application and Typical Smartcontract

In the decentralized AGORA Platform application, users can intuitively sell and buy goods and services. The intuitive interface of the program allows you to quickly, reliably and efficiently produce transactions. Escrow in smartcontract guarantees the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction.

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