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APSC trading on altmarkets.io has started. The volumes are impressive for start. Join in because APSC has a lot of potential.

After initial waiting by traders, APSC trading has attracted interest. At this pace, four- and five-digit daily turnover can soon be targeted. We wish everyone good luck trading. HODL is worth it.





Perfect participation for APSC purchase.

By the start of AGORA Platform, we predict a stock price jump. The platform will make the safe use of cryptocurrencies in trading a reality. While we are still on the first exchange and the price is small - stock APSC, join the community.



APSC now listed on the exchange

Altmarkets.io has two trading pairs with APSC. AGORA Platform Team wishes you luck and margin.

APSC/BTC traiding pair

APSC/DOGE traiding pair

AGORA Platform currently

Our team has been negotiating with a lot of stock exchanges lately.

We have decided the following:


1. We list APSC at https://www.altmarkets.io/. All team coins will be collected for further listings.


2. We have an offer for STEX. Listing costs amount to 2 BTC. This amount will be collected at STEX-Crowdsale.


3.We also decided to start an IEO at p2pb2b. The specialists of p2pb2b gave us the green light. We then collect 4 BTCs separately for the purpose of IEO&Listing at p2pb2b.


I hope we can do it together.


Whitepaper AGORA Platform is edited.

We proudly present you our revised version of Whitepaper. If the team should explain something to you - please contact us via Discord or Reddit. We like to answer your questions.

AGORA Platform is preparing for IEO.

AGORA Platform Current:
Dear Community,
Our team has looked around and analysed the current situation on the crypto market. We received some offers for IEO. It is said that stock exchanges and specialists have recognized our potential. Therefore we will reorient our marketing and accept IEO offers from stock exchanges. In any case, it will be a serious stock exchange.
I am always open to your questions.
I wish you a wonderful weekend.

AGORA Platform Current

We are currently in talks with a number of stock exchanges. These are specialized for b2b, which corresponds to our profile. Who supports us with bounty program: please do not forget to fill out all formalities. And presale is still running. Be active at cheap price.

AGORA Platform enters partnership with Crypto Ann.

Discord Server Crypto Ann 

We've completed PR partnership with Crypto Ann. You can inform and participate about new coins, news and of course Airdrops.

Presale APSC

For all friends of AGORA Platform we have mega good news. Test phase of APSC went perfectly. Mainnet runs well. We can now further develop AGORA Platform. That's why we decided to go on the stock exchange soon. We choose crex24 and stex at the beginning. Therefore we start Presale now. Our APSC is a Skrypt-based PoS coin. The first reward is very high set at 36 APSC for block. If you start now, you have an enormous chance to win x. And we wish you much success and hope for your support.


0.015 BTC for 200 APSC

0.03 BTC for 400 APSC plus bonus 10 APSC

0.15 BTC for 2000 APSC plus bonus 50 APSC


Presale runs on AGORA Platform discord server. Watch out for responsible team members.

All images are for demonstration purpose only. You will get the demo images with the QuickStart pack.

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