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Whitepaper AGORA Platform is edited.

We proudly present you our revised version of Whitepaper. If the team should explain something to you - please contact us via Discord or Reddit. We like to answer your questions.

AGORA Platform is preparing for IEO.

AGORA Platform Current:
Dear Community,
Our team has looked around and analysed the current situation on the crypto market. We received some offers for IEO. It is said that stock exchanges and specialists have recognized our potential. Therefore we will reorient our marketing and accept IEO offers from stock exchanges. In any case, it will be a serious stock exchange.
I am always open to your questions.
I wish you a wonderful weekend.

AGORA Platform Current

We are currently in talks with a number of stock exchanges. These are specialized for b2b, which corresponds to our profile. Who supports us with bounty program: please do not forget to fill out all formalities. And presale is still running. Be active at cheap price.

AGORA Platform enters partnership with Crypto Ann.

Discord Server Crypto Ann 

We've completed PR partnership with Crypto Ann. You can inform and participate about new coins, news and of course Airdrops.

Presale APSC

For all friends of AGORA Platform we have mega good news. Test phase of APSC went perfectly. Mainnet runs well. We can now further develop AGORA Platform. That's why we decided to go on the stock exchange soon. We choose crex24 and stex at the beginning. Therefore we start Presale now. Our APSC is a Skrypt-based PoS coin. The first reward is very high set at 36 APSC for block. If you start now, you have an enormous chance to win x. And we wish you much success and hope for your support.


0.015 BTC for 200 APSC

0.03 BTC for 400 APSC plus bonus 10 APSC

0.15 BTC for 2000 APSC plus bonus 50 APSC


Presale runs on AGORA Platform discord server. Watch out for responsible team members.

We're launching bounty program. Support us!

AGORA Platform sees our team as Swiss Officer's Knives in the crypto world. Platform has public decentralized blockchain. From one side crypto currency with usual possibilities. Although proof-of-stake consensus is environmentally friendly and gives the HODLern chance to multiply the coins.  On the other hand, AGORA has innovative features. For example multi currency wallet. You can have different coins in the wallet and change them outside of the exchange. There is also the opportunity to exchange coins with others via atomic swap. The core of the platform is the marketplace. We see enormous potential here for development and blockchain implementation into business processes. Integrated smart contract allows conflict situations to be mastered. A stable coin makes business independent of volatility. 
It would be the short description. Platform is constantly in development and we will be pleased if you join us or support us.

We have already prepared a listing on the crypto exchange. It is expected to happen on April 12th.


Coin Name : Agora Platform 
Symbol - APSC 
Token Supply - 200,000,000
Scrypt, PoS
Blockreward 36 APSC/Block


Start Date - 3 april 2019
End Date - 30 november 2019
Total airdrop allocation - 1 200 000 APSC (equivalent to 90 BTC)

Follow Twitter - 1 APSC
Like&Retweet - 1 APSC
Subscribe Reddit - 1 APSC
Carma Reddit - 1 APSC
Subscribe Telegram - 1 APSC
Join Discord - 1 APSC 
Authors reward - payment depends on the quality of the article

payments every month 15th

Rules and conditions for joining the airdrop :

1. Follow Twitter and all tweets during bounty period like and retweet (mandatory) - https://twitter.com/agoraplatform

2. Join our Telegram Channel https://t.me/agoraonline (obligatory)

3. Follow Reddit and give Carma for all posts during bounty period https://www.reddit.com/r/AGORAPlatform/ (obligatory);

4. Join Discord https://discord.gg/cBNsfNq

5. Publish articles about AGORA Platform on your own social media channel. Write your own article about AGORA Platform.

6. Complete all the tasks to be eligible for airdrop campaign.

7. By not completing any one of above given task will lead to disqualification from the airdrop distribution campaign.

8. Multiple entries are not allowed and will be permanently banned if anyone do so.

9. Make a proof of authentication post on this thread to prove your identity.


Bitcointalk Username:
Twitter Profile link:
Reddit Profile Link:
Telegram username:
Discord username:
Article link:

10. After completing all task carefully Fill up the form correctly with all * Required details

Google Form for bounty


Warum AGORA Platform? (german)

AGORA Platform sieht unser Team als Schweizer Offiziersmesser in der Kryptowelt. Plattform hat öffentlichen dezentrales Blockchain. Von einer Seite Kryptowährung mit üblichen Möglichkeiten. Obwohl Proof-of-Stake Konsensus ist Umweltschonend und gibt den HODLern Chance die Münzen zu vermehren.  Andererseits verfügt AGORA über innovative Features. Zum Beispiel Multi Währungswallet. Man kann verschiedene Coins in dem Wallet haben, und die, außerhalb von Börse, wechseln. Es besteht auch Gelegenheit die Münzen über atomic swap mit anderen zu tauschen. Der Kern der Plattform ist der Marktplatz. Wir sehen hier enorme Potenzial für die Entwicklung und Blockchain Implementierung in die Geschäftsprozesse. Integrierter Smartkontrakt lässt Konfliktsituationen meistern. Stabile Münze macht Geschäfte von Volatilität unabhängig.

Es wäre die Kurzbeschreibung. Plattform ist ständig in der Entwicklung und wir werden uns freuen, wenn Ihr bei uns mitwirkt oder uns unterstürzt.

First crypto exchange will ...

We've thought it through very carefully. Also co-ordinated with Community. After the mainnet start we apply for the listing at crex24. 

Start of the mainnet and token-swap.

Our token sale is coming to an end. We've come up with some great discounts for investors. Until March 3rd there will be 25% more tokens with the purchase. From 4th to 17th March you have 10% and 18.03-10.04 - 5%. Send purchase order screenshot via direct message in discord to team member. We are planning to swap and launch mainnet on 10th April 2019. Stay up to date and follow our Twitter channel.

All images are for demonstration purpose only. You will get the demo images with the QuickStart pack.

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