Presale APSC

For all friends of AGORA Platform we have mega good news. Test phase of APSC went perfectly. Mainnet runs well. We can now further develop AGORA Platform. That's why we decided to go on the stock exchange soon. We choose crex24 and stex at the beginning. Therefore we start Presale now. Our APSC is a Skrypt-based PoS coin. The first reward is very high set at 36 APSC for block. If you start now, you have an enormous chance to win x. And we wish you much success and hope for your support.


0.015 BTC for 200 APSC

0.03 BTC for 400 APSC plus bonus 10 APSC

0.15 BTC for 2000 APSC plus bonus 50 APSC


Presale runs on AGORA Platform discord server. Watch out for responsible team members.